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DoHm - Swampology - (CD Image)
DoHm - Swampology (Back CD)
DoHm - Swampology - (Inside CD)

Swampology features four stunning works of forest music by Lithuanian psytrance producer Dohm  and Cenotes, a collaboration between Dohm and P.Tale. After the great success of Under The Moss, the first psytrance compilation from Lithuania, Ektoplazm contacted Dohm to release more of his deeply hypnotic night-time music–and this is the result! Prepare to tap into a mystifying world of next-level mind-altering sounds, pulsating tribal rhythms, and heavy psychedelic atmospheres resonating with the ancient spirits of Baltic bogs and woodlands. This release is mastered by Kri @ Audio Valve and features a cover design by Basilisk using the artwork of German ecologist Ernst Haeckel.

Big THANKS! for 

for releasing this amazing mini album !

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